Cost The Dream - How We Calculate Your Estimate
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Material Costs

All the materials quoted can be obtained from your local branch. Please note that prices given are based on regional prices typically paid by a general builder buying materials in moderate volume through the Travis Perkins/Keyline network. Where appropriate, your estimate will include provisional costs for discretionary items such as kitchens and bathrooms. Delivery costs will not be included in our estimate due to the variances in material requirements and unknown distances between supplier and site. Quotations supplied by Travis Perkins/Keyline are given on the basis of our terms and conditions of sale, a copy of which is available at your local branch.

Labour Costs

Current labour rates are based on a combination of the Hutchins UK Building Costs Blackbook and a guide from local builders in your area. These are checked regularly. However, labour costs can vary, and we strongly recommend that this estimate be fully checked according to your local labour market. Travis Perkins/Keyline reserve the right to change labour rates without notification. You may customise your estimate by submitting your preferred rates to your local Travis Perkins/Keyline representative. This section can be amended free of charge on request.

Labour Hours

This is the unit of measurement used to qualify the time taken to perform a given task. For the purposes of this estimate, and as we have not visited your site, Travis Perkins/Keyline will assume that the principal builder is qualified and professional.


Travis Perkins/Keyline will not have detailed knowledge of the site's topography and, therefore, unless accurate engineering layouts are provided, we will not be able to provide estimates for most external works. Travis Perkins/Keyline can only work from drawings and specifications provided, and may have to assume certain build methods and materials, if not detailed within the information received from you. While every effort is made to provide an accurate estimate, it is your responsibility to check that the types and quantities of any materials you purchase are suitable for your project.